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Our signature Summer60™, SchoolYear60™, and GapYear60™ are comprehensive internship programs for high school students, high school graduates, and college students. We provide custom-tailored internships that allow students to explore a career area while developing business skills in a real-world setting. Our team members work closely with mentors to create detailed work plans that ensure internships are meaningful, productive, and successful. Every intern is matched with a personal Internship Coach who provides one-on-one guidance and support throughout the student’s internship.


InternBoston is committed to providing students with a specialized internship experience that allows them to explore a career strand, gain real-world experience, build confidence, and develop essential life skills.

why internships are important

With college costs continuing to rise (the average cost of a 4-year degree could exceed $200,000), early career exploration has benefits. Students who have an opportunity to learn about a career early on are better prepared to choose a college, a major, or career path.

by participating in an internship, students can:

make valuable, constructive use of their time over the summer

establish professional contacts for a future job search

help strengthen college applications

learn about a career to determine an appropriate area of study or major

develop business skills needed for future employment

gain real-world experience prior to entering college or the job market

confirm a chosen career strand or discover a new one

three reasons to choose InternBoston

summer internships

college internships & high school internships

Some internship programs fit students into a narrow pool of existing companies and/or career strands. At InternBoston, each student is matched to the internship that best fits his or her career interests and skills. Our Internship Coaches work diligently to continue to grow our inventory of sponsoring businesses, organizations, and public sector employers in order to meet the specific needs of our students. We understand that students continually explore new and different industries and professions, and we are committed to developing opportunities in a wide range of career areas. We believe that with proper oversight, students can effectively maximize their internship experience. We work closely with our sponsoring organizations to develop specific work plans, ensuring that our students’ internships are relevant, focused, and educational. Prior to starting their internships, students are provided with a customized work plan approved by both InternBoston and the sponsoring organization.


Below is a partial list of career strands from which we have built successful internships for our students. Read about internships in each career industry below.

meet the team

robin neff clebnik

founder & chief internship officer

Robin founded InternBoston after 30 years of coaching and management experience in education, information technology, and consulting. More recently, Robin managed the mentor development effort for a well-known career exploration program in the greater Boston area, where in two years she generated an unprecedented number of new mentors and placed over 80 interns.

Inspired to build an innovative and collaborative internship program, Robin and a team of seasoned colleagues created Summer60™, a comprehensive, highly structured internship program designed for high school and college students.

Robin brings passion, energy, and dedication to InternBoston and is deeply committed to using her relationship-building expertise to connect students with top-flight mentors from her ever-expanding network.

susan melaugh

director of internship programs

Susan has been an educator for over 30 years and has been fortunate to have built a fulfilling and gratifying career working with students of every age.

Becoming part of InternBoston is yet another avenue in which Susan will be able to have a positive impact on students’ education.

Helping students explore a career and maximize their educational experience is a natural fit for Susan as she has several years’ experience placing high school students into both summer and academic-year internships.

Susan’s desire to see every student succeed drives her to develop meaningful connections with all her interns. Susan strives to ensure a terrific experience by being able to successfully navigate both the mentor and the student aspects of the internship.

beth stewart

director of strategic communications

Beth Stewart is a freelance writer and seasoned educator with more than 20 years’ experience in the business and education sectors. She has also spent the last 15 years as an independent career development consultant and resume writer after her tenure as a career counselor for MBA students at Rutgers Business School in New Jersey.

Additionally, Beth has taught middle school English, post-secondary business communications and career development courses, and has written and edited several university publications.

Beth is excited to plan, initiate and manage InternBoston’s corporate/student communications and social media initiatives.

amy sherter less intern coach

amy sherter less

Amy has more than 25 years of business experience in a variety of industries including retail, telecommunications, advertising, and education. Most recently Amy worked as a consultant in the nonprofit sector, where she helped organizations successfully increase their donor reach. She also worked with several small businesses, assisting them in increasing their market presence.

Amy’s broad knowledge of industry combined with her many years of volunteering in schools enables her to give her students a unique perspective of what careers might align with their areas of education and interest.

Amy excels at working with her students to determine their career exploration options based on their interests, skills, unique personalities, and passions. She enjoys coaching students, helping them strengthen their interviewing skills, guiding them through the internship process, and seeing them excel in their internship.

ali newman intern coach

ali newman

Over the last 20 years, Ali has excelled in diverse areas of the education sector, including working as a college student supervisor at Boston University and a certified teacher in Massachusetts.  She also brings a vast knowledge of community-building skills, which will support her in creating partnerships between students and mentoring organizations.

Ali is personable and a good communicator.  This allows her to work collaboratively with students and deliver feedback that encourages professional and personal development.  Ali is inspired by the student’s energy and creativity.  Ali takes pride in her ability to assess a student’s potential career goals while guiding the student through the steps needed to ensure a meaningful and successful internship.

Ali strongly believes that for a student, working as an intern is an essential component to the high school learning process.  She brings a lot of enthusiasm to the table while fostering positive and enriching experiences for all InternBoston students.

how it works


Our signature Summer60™ internship program develops and provides unpaid, customized summer internships for high school juniors, seniors, and college students in the greater Boston area. Summer60™ is designed to provide students with a minimum of 60 internship hours—generally 15 hours per week for 4 weeks—during the summer.


Our SchoolYear60™ internship program, also for high school juniors, seniors, and college students, is designed to provide students with a minimum of 60 internship hours over several weeks during the school year–generally 6 hours per week for 10 weeks.


Our GapYear60™ internship program is for high school graduates and designed to provide a minimum of 60 internship hours—generally 15 hours per week for 4 weeks—to students during their gap year.


To apply to our program, students must meet the following criteria:

  • Be at least 16 years old at the start of the internship
  • Have reliable transportation (personal vehicle or public transit)
  • Present themselves in a professional manner
  • Be passionate about exploring a career area

initial screening

Once an application has been accepted, a student is assigned an Internship Coach who will contact the student to schedule a screening interview. During this screening, the Internship Coach and student will review the program requirements, the student’s first and second careers of interest, location preferences, and schedule availability.


Over the next 30 to 90 days, Internship Coaches will work diligently to find the optimal internship placement for the student. Once a match is determined, the student’s Internship Coach will provide information and instructions for the student to arrange an interview directly with a representative from the sponsoring organization.

interview preparation

Students are expected to prepare for their internship interview by thoroughly researching the organization and preparing questions for the interviewer. Internship Coaches will prepare students in interview techniques and conduct mock interviews with students.

student internship work schedule

Summer60™ – 60 hours during the summer. 15 hours per week over four consecutive weeks.

SchoolYear60™ – 6 hours/week for 10-12 consecutive weeks AND begin school-day internship hours by 1 pm

GapYear60™ – 60 hours. 15 hours per week over four consecutive weeks during the gap year

internship journals

Students are required to complete four internship journals, each submitted upon completing 15 internship hours. There journal assignments prompt students to articulate what they have learned while helping them to connect their experiences with their academic knowledge and skills.

internship project

Students must complete a short project. The following are examples of internship projects:

  • Short, written interview with a mentor or co-worker
  • Newspaper article or newsletter
  • Two-minute video or podcast
  • PowerPoint presentation


Summer60™ program fee: $2500 SchoolYear60™ program fee: $2500 GapYear60™ program fee: $2500


  • Application processing and review
  • Student screening and interview
  • Customized internship development and placement
  • Interview preparation and coaching
  • Internship oversight, supervision, and assignment evaluation
  • Resume updating and editing
  • Certificate and letter of completion

A non-refundable deposit of $1,250 (50%) is due upon application submission with the remaining balance due within 48 hours after the student has successfully completed his or her screening interview.

application deadline

Application, deposit, and all accompanying paperwork are due by 5/15/2017 for summer 2017 placement. SchoolYear60™ internships are on a rolling admissions basis. Students should apply at least six weeks prior to their desired internship start date. GapYear60™ internships are on a rolling admissions basis. Students should apply at least 60 days prior to their desired internship start date. Students who decide not to participate in the internship as planned must notify the Internship Coach at least 15 days prior to the internship start date. It is the responsibility of the Internship Coach, not the student, to notify the sponsoring organization regarding this change. At that time, we will provide a refund of $1000. There will be no refunds provided once a student has begun his or her internship hours.

academic credit

High School Students: Students may be able to receive credit from their individual school and should meet with their guidance counselors to determine eligibility. College Students: Students should check with their advisors to see if they are eligible for academic credit.

internship scholarship program

InternBoston is passionate about making internships universally available to as many students as we are able to support. Students who believe they may be eligible to receive a scholarship to our program should contact their high school guidance counselor/college advisor and ask that a letter of recommendation be emailed to us directly at [email protected]

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