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Interviewing for a Summer Internship

Congratulations! You've been invited to interview for the summer marketing internship you've had your eye on. You're very excited about the interview and prospect of an exciting summer internship. The interview is Wednesday. Today is Monday, so you have a few days to...

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10 Things to Include on a High School Resume

High school is the time for new beginnings and new responsibilities. In addition to increased study hours and extra-curricular activities, you need to keep in mind that applying to colleges is just around the corner. Even as a freshman, it’s not too early to think...

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Summer Internships – Plan Early!

Get a Jump on Summer Internships Before the Snow Melts! With temperatures hovering around zero°F, wind chill temps far below that, and everyone in the Boston metro area digging themselves out of another foot of snow, summer seems eons away. It's hard to imagine balmy...

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