biology internship experience

This high school student interned at a research lab in one of Boston’s top hospitals

explored a career path

Through her internship, this student confirmed her chosen career strand

hands-on experience

This intern was given real responsibilities and treated as a researcher—even as a high school student!

When I joined the InternBoston internship program, I was itching for some hands-on experience. I was 17 and all I wanted was to get a taste of the future that I was planning for myself. It was then that I was introduced to InternBoston, and they could not have found a better internship for me.

I began working in a research laboratory at a major hospital in the middle of the medical hub of Boston. The lab was studying preeclampsia, a condition that occurs in some pregnant women that can cause premature birth or even the death of both baby and mother. Being part of a team that was doing real work for a good cause was amazing. I really was a part of the team, and even though I was a high school student, I was treated like a researcher and given the responsibilities of one. By my second week interning, I was already carrying out procedures independently.

Everyone at the lab taught me so much. The overseeing doctor made sure that I knew exactly what scientific processes I was carrying out and why, so I learned a lot about the different techniques and their purposes. Now, as a 19 year old college student, I appreciate my internship experience even more. It helped me acquire skills and information that I still use today in classes and in other internships. Most importantly, it helped me solidify my commitment to the field of biology, as knowing that I enjoyed being in an actual workplace has proven to me that I want to work in similar places for the rest of my life.

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