business internship experience

This high school student interned in the business office of a biomedical company in Boston.

explored a career path

This intern experienced a financial career, and how finance works with other areas of business.

real world, hands-on experience

This intern gained experience making real business decisions based on data.

Since I plan to pursue a career in economics and finance, I took the initiative in the summer of 2016 to intern in the business office of a biomedical company that focuses on developing and commercializing tissue-engineered products to treat musculoskeletal diseases. This internship exposed me directly to the financial operations of a biomedical company, allowing me to experience the daily interactions between the finance department and the company’s other departments, as well as interactions with outside parties. I was also able to see the impact finance has on the overall business and its profitability.

Throughout the internship, the CFO of the company was very warm and welcoming. He always addressed my questions as if they were great questions, despite the fact that many of them were very simple—not questions that an experienced business professional would ever ask. He was a great mentor and I learned so much from him.

One of my responsibilities was to identify critical vendors with whom the company should continue to work. I made these decisions based on a number of criteria, such as volume and price. This particular task required methods of analysis that could be improved by computerized machine learning, something I would one day like to implement with my knowledge of economics and computer science.

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