medical research internship

This high school student interned at a cardiovascular research lab in one of Boston’s most recognized hospitals.

discovered a career path

This intern discovered passion for a career strand she otherwise would not have considered.

inspiring mentorship

This intern’s mentors empowered her to learn, ask questions, and—ultimately—feel comfortable in the lab.

I was 17 when I began my internship at a large hospital in Boston, MA. I remember being really intimidated, yet also inspired, by all of the brilliant graduate students I was surrounded by. My first day was extremely overwhelming: I had a lot of paperwork to fill out, the front desk took my picture to be placed on my badge, and I was meeting new faces left and right.

This was my first serious internship; I was aiding (to the best of my ability) a cardiovascular research lab and doing something meaningful. Over several weeks, the overwhelming actions from the first day led me to feel a sense of comfort in the lab. I was not scared to mess up, I asked several questions, and most importantly, I realized research is something I wanted to pursue in the future.

I am now a sophomore in college, and it is because of this internship that I feel comfortable executing various lab procedures in the lab I work in on campus. My internship further revealed to me essential characteristics that I looked for in a lab and mentor when trying to find one on campus. Overall, the experience is one I am very grateful for, as it opened my eyes to an academic path I never before would have considered.