music theatre internship

This high school student interned at a Boston area music theatre.

developed new skills

This intern learned new skills and techniques that she could use in the real world.

hands-on experience

This intern gained insight into how the theatre world operates.

My internship at popular music theatre was an incredible experience, all because of InternBoston. I am 18 years old, and I was 17 when I interned. I worked with the stage crew, primarily on set and sound design.

When I first met with Intern Boston,  I was admittedly nervous; I wanted to make sure I spent my summer well. Now, I can confidently say that interning was absolutely worth my time; I learned a lot about the professional world, and I gained more experience in a field I’m interested in.

At school, I work at our stage crew every day besides Sunday. Consequently, I’ve never had the time to have a “real” job. Before Intern Boston, I had done one job interview in my life with my old summer camp. Intern Boston helped me prepare for my interview, down to the kind of clothes I should wear. When I started my internship, they helped me set up a schedule and establish expectations. Through participating in my internship, I have learned immensely about the outside world and how to prepare for it.

Working at the theatre also allowed me to experience how real theaters work. I learned new techniques that I brought back to my school, and I also watched how people behave in professional environments. I assisted a rehearsal, and I got to work behind-the-scenes.

Overall, I am so grateful for my opportunity to intern over the summer. I’d recommend it to anyone who wants an educational, fulfilling summer.

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