veterinary internship experience

This high school student interned at an animal hospital in Cambridge, MA

explored a career path

Through her internship, this student confirmed her chosen career strand

real-world experience

This internship provided real-world, hands-on experience in a veterinary setting

I am currently 18 years old and in my senior year of high school. At the time of my internship, I was 17. My internship was at a veterinary hospital in Cambridge, MA.

As an animal lover, I was very interested in exploring the possibility of a career in veterinary medicine, so I am grateful that my internship gave me the opportunity to experience what being a veterinarian is like.

Two mentors who were incredibly helpful to me during my internship were the lead veterinarian and practice manager. It was through observing the veterinarian that I got a close look at the veterinary career. I watched him give routine examinations, and I even got to sit in on a couple of surgeries. The practice manager was very encouraging and welcoming. She showed me how to work the veterinary software AviMark and introduced me to every client.

The most exciting part of my internship experience was getting to see all the animal patients. I loved pulling up the schedule to see who was going to come through the door that day. I saw cats and dogs of all different breeds, colors, and sizes. I saw smaller pets as well, like hamsters, ferrets and guinea pigs.

I enjoyed my internship experience. It confirmed for me that I would like to pursue veterinary medicine as a career. My current plan for college is to follow a pre-veterinary track that will prepare me to attend vet school after graduation.

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