wealth management internship

This high school student interned at a greater Boston area wealth management company.

developed new skills

This intern learned important skills, such as researching stocks and mutual funds.

hands-on experience

This intern sat in on business meetings and learned the importance of professionalism in the real world.

My InternBoston experience was incredible. As a rising Junior in high school I knew that I wanted to spend my summer doing something unique, where I could put my learning into action. I wasn’t quite sure what this experience would be, but as I started to assess where my passions lied, I realized that I really wanted to gain some business experience.

As a teenager without any formal business experience it can be very difficult to find an internship at an established company or firm. Thankfully, I was able to reach out to InternBoston and receive an amazing internship opportunity. I was partnered with a wealth management firm where I spent that whole summer. This internship taught me so much about myself and what it takes to have a successful professional career.

Furthermore, InternBoston made sure that I would feel comfortable in my internship process by pairing me with an advisor at the firm I was working at. My advisor, Joe, turned out to be an amazing guy and he made sure to teach me all of the tools that someone in the field of business needs to have. Throughout this internship I was also able to complete various research projects, such as potential stocks and mutual funds for the head of investments, and I was also able to sit in on various meetings so that I could learn how they interacted with clients.

Overall, I can confidently say that this internship has taught me so much about how a company operates and how to present myself professionally. I also know that this internship was an incredible opportunity because it has prepared me for future job opportunities!

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