Get a Jump on Summer Internships Before the Snow Melts!

With temperatures hovering around zero°F, wind chill temps far below that, and everyone in the Boston metro area digging themselves out of another foot of snow, summer seems eons away. It’s hard to imagine balmy weather and days filled with vacations, camp, and summer jobs. However, summer will be here before we know it, and February is the ideal time to start making a plan – especially if the plan includes a summer internship.

Just a few short weeks ago, InternBoston joined other exhibitors at CampSource’s 11th annual Teen Summer Program Expo in Newton, Massachusetts. Despite a last-minute date and venue change, parents and kids braved snowy roads to attend, and the event was a hit. Representatives from several organizations were available to meet and greet parents and kids about a variety of 2015 summer programs. InternBoston showcased its signature Summer60 internship program, and team members spent the evening answering questions by both parents and students who were eager to learn more about summer internships.

Internship Basics

An internship can be a wonderful, educational experience and provides an opportunity for a student to gain practical skills in a professional setting for a short period of time, often during the summer. For students who are high school juniors, seniors, or already in college, an internship is a way to learn more about an industry or field while being part of a real-world work environment. It’s one thing to learn about a business or industry in class, but it’s quite different and enlightening to experience it first-hand. As an intern, students can apply their internship experiences to what they’ve learned or are learning in class. Additionally, an internship is a great way for students to “test drive” a career area before making big decisions about where to go to college or what to major in.

Exploring Careers

Some students know exactly what they want be when they grow up. However, most teens are still learning about their likes and dislikes or trying to find their passion. They haven’t taken any time to conduct any real career exploration. So where can students begin? One good place to start is to have students ask themselves what they like in school. Students who like art may want to dabble in graphic design or architecture. Those who like to write may try journalism. What about students who love science and math? In those cases, there are options in research, medicine, or engineering. Students can learn even more by doing their own research such as speaking to people in the field or checking out online sources such as the Bureau of Labor Statistics Career Exploration. On that site, students can choose from a variety of industries such as computers, cooking, finance, law, or even sports – and learn about careers associated with those areas.

Plan Early!

Whether or not a student has a career plan, now is the time to start thinking about exploring internship opportunities. Summer internship season can be competitive, and many companies fill available spots early. Students who research and plan early will have a great head start and can increase their odds of securing a fantastic summer internship.